playlist tankstell bar, 8.11.2013

ok, big sorry for the mess up, i planed to play a headphone-concert at this lovely little place, but unfortunately wasn’t able to. so, it was a ‘normal’ concert at a very nice location. etrit hasler was so nice to help me out again and dj whitemoon played great tunes between and after my sets. i played the last track on the piano and etrit did his part without microphone, so it was our first (and only and last ever) unplugged song. a lovely night it was.

06-theme from ‘walking ghost phase’
07-walking ghost phase part 1 featuring etrit hasler
08-walking ghost phase part 2
09-walking ghost phase part 3
10-walking ghost phase part 4
11-walking ghost phase part 5
12-walking ghost phase part 10
13-walking ghost phase part 11
14-popsong featuring etrit hasler
15-8. märz featuring etrit hasler
16-lückenfüller featuring etrit hasler
17-schwarzweiss featuring etrit hasler
18-draussen (piano version) featuring etrit hasler