playlist grabenhalle st. gallen, 7.11.2013

first show in my hometown in years. wasn’t my best day to be honest. wasn’t happy about my first set and cut it short a bit, but it was fun to play with kimberly brockman, karl lassauer and etrit hasler again in the second set. i know that the sound guy recorded the whole concert but haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet.

01-theme from ‘walking ghost phase’
02-walking ghost phase part 1
03-walking ghost phase part 2
04-walking ghost phase part 3
05-walking ghost phase part 4
06-walking ghost phase part 5
07-walking ghost phase part 6
08-walking ghost phase part 7
09-walking ghost phase part 8
10-walking ghost phase part 9
11-walking ghost phase part 10
12-walking ghost phase part 11
13-kellerfenster featuring karl lassauer
14-ambush featuring karl lassauer
15-prince featuring kimberly brockman
16-grand design featuring kimberly brockman
17-popsong featuring etrit hasler
18-8. märz featuring etrit hasler
19-lückenfüller featuring etrit hasler
20-schwarzweiss featuring etrit hasler
21-draussen featuring etrit hasler
22-track # five