something for the gearheads

some people asked my about my setup for my live-gigs. ok, here we go…
it’s actually quite simple.
-alesis micron, mostly sequenced poly-sounds, effect-sounds and midi-keyboard for the softsynths from logic
-roland jp-8000, mostly leads, arpeggios, effect-sounds
-roland sh-32, mostly sequenced pads and effect-sounds, also provides the sounds i play with the doepfer r2m ribbon controller
-moog little phatty, mostly leads. the phatty is going thru an electro harmonix holiest grail reverb and the stereo memory man delay
-studio electronics se-1x, the bass synth, going thru an electro harmonix electric mistress deluxe flanger
-yamaha mg82cx mixer
-ekdahl moisturizer spring reverb
-motu 828 mk3 audio interface
-emagic mt4 midi interface
-panasonic digi-cam for the visuals
-all the drums and some additional sounds are sampled into logic.

that’s all…