my overhauled modular system

for the last couple of months i was slowly redesigning my new modular system which will be the center of my upcoming live-shows.

modular system

for the gearheads here’s the list of modules
top case
mutable instruments yarns midi interface
mutable instruments elements modal synth
mutable instruments edges quad chiptune audio generator
mutable instruments clouds granular audio processor (still waiting for this one)
teenage engineering op-12 rhythm drum machine

intellijel atlantis (2x) dual oscillator subtractive synth voice
doepfer a-180 multiples

mutable instruments yarns midi interface
flame 4vox quad polyphonic wavetabel vco
doepfer a-182-1 switched multiples
doepfer a-138b mixer (2x)
doepfer a-148 dual sample&hold
doepfer a-180-2 multiples
make noise mysteron dual digital waveguide synth

base case
orthogonal devices er-101 indexed quad sequencer
doepfer a-160 clock divider
doepfer a-161 clock sequencer
doepfer a-180 multiples
doepfer a-140 adsr
doepfer a-116 waveform processor
erica synths matrix mixer

expert sleepers es-3 lightpipe to cv
doepfer a-145 lfo
doepfer a-118 noise and random voltages
doepfer a-114 ring modulator
make noise erbe-verb reverb
make noise echophon pitch-shifting echo
pittsburgh modular InOut multi-purpose in- and output module
intellijel audio interface II