remix by lolita terrorist sounds available as a free download

maurizio vitale aka ‘lolita terrorist sounds‘ did a remix of ‘walking ghost phase’ which i love! maurizio joined me as a drummer/percussionist on many of my concerts and we always had a great time. same the other way around when i joined ‘lolita terrorist sounds’ for some live-improvisation!

please check out maurizio’s music on the ‘lolita terrorist soundsbandcamp page.

you can download the track for free here.

live show at 8mm bar, berlin, exactly 1 year ago

exactly one year ago i played a show at 8mm bar and lucian busse ( was so nice to film the whole mess. it was the first time i used my big modular system live and the conditions inside the club were a bit problematic with around 40 degrees on that very hot summer night. nevertheless, it was great fun to play there.

noiseberg session – live bootleg out now

earlier this year, i played at the lovely atelier äuglein in berlin as a part of the noiseberg-series.

i recorded the whole concert and it is available as a free download on my bandcamp-site.

it was the first show where i used my overhauled live-setup and it that wasn’t enough trouble, i had over 40 degrees of fever. so lets just say, it was a ‘special’ performance…

full concert video

took me a while to edit the whole thing, but i finally finished work on the ‘walking ghost phase live’ video.

it covers the whole concert at urban spree, berlin, in march 2017 and features maurizio vitale on drums/percussions.

it was filmed by katalin ambrus and lucian busse (

i also made an 11 minute edit in case you don’t wanna watch the whole 44 minute show.