necrophilia concert part 2 – live at cuore di vetro on 23-02-2018

the hollow man – necrophilia part 2

after playing the ‘necrophilia concert’ in november 2017 with a setlist of 20 year old tracks by the hollow man, the second part of the ‘necrophilia’ series focuses on music which was recorded and released around 10 years ago.

this is a headphone-concert, places are limited, i’ve got 20 headphones.
first come first serve basis. you can reserve a place by sending me a message.

concert starts 9.30pm
entry 5€ including a live-recording of the whole concert as a digital download.

the fantastic ice cafe ‘cuore di vetro’ will be open the whole day, so try some ice cream or cake or whatever makes you happy!


the necrophilia concert at lunatic park – some impressions

thanks for the lovely people who found their way to my lunatic park studio for this unique event!

it was, well, interesting to play those old tracks again. not something i wanna do much more often but i had to smile about some of the tracks and visuals.

i did record the show and will make it available as a free download to all the guests from that night. if you weren’t there but still wanna have the recording, please send me an email and i will provide the download link.

and of course i played the synths i used back then: roland jp-8000, roland jp-8080, roland jv-1080, korg wavestation a/d. digital heaven…

a little excerpt from the show, recorded by the one and only eddie chebbie. thanks!

photo by es be!

the necrophilia concert at lunatic park, 06-10-2017

i’m going to play a special little headphone-concert at my studio on 06-10-2017.

for this show, i went deep into my archive and came up with a bunch of very old tracks that i will play live again only once.

so, i will play tracks which i wrote between 1997 and 2003 and didn’t play live in a very long time…

this is a private show, if you’re interested, please send me an email.

live show at 8mm bar, berlin, exactly 1 year ago

exactly one year ago i played a show at 8mm bar and lucian busse ( was so nice to film the whole mess. it was the first time i used my big modular system live and the conditions inside the club were a bit problematic with around 40 degrees on that very hot summer night. nevertheless, it was great fun to play there.

concert at schokoladen berlin – 12-06-2017

very happy that i will play at the lovely ‘schokoladen‘ in berlin this monday (12-06-2017).

the location has such a long and interesting history so i’m a little proud that they let me enter the stage there.

also playing are my friends from ‘todesstrahlen‘ (italy) and oscar valentine from 8mm will be the dj after the concerts.

8pm todesstrahlen
9pm the hollow man
10pm dj oscar valentine


full concert video

took me a while to edit the whole thing, but i finally finished work on the ‘walking ghost phase live’ video.

it covers the whole concert at urban spree, berlin, in march 2017 and features maurizio vitale on drums/percussions.

it was filmed by katalin ambrus and lucian busse (

i also made an 11 minute edit in case you don’t wanna watch the whole 44 minute show.