walking ghost phase live


released 2017 / 12 tracks / 43 minutes / label ‘hals, ab und schneider’

the live album ‘walking ghost phase live’ documents the end of the ‘walking ghost phase tour’ and was recorded at urban spree in berlin on march 11th 2017. the hollow man was joined by maurizio vitale (lolita terrorist sounds) on percussions.

this album shows the musical journey that the tracks from the ‘walking ghost phase’ studio album took over the years of playing the album live.

‘walking ghost phase live’ is available in most digital stores (Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Musicload and many others) as well as on most streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and others).


furthermore the show was also filmed and is available in full length on youtube in Full-HD.

if you are in a hurry, an 11 minutes extract of the show is also available.